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This Is YOUR Life

Posted by wastedenergy on March 31, 2011

I can’t decide what annoys me more: conservative dinosaurs whose ideological blinders prevent them from seeing the plain facts, or sniveling liberals who whine that we just can’t do what needs to be done because our side is losing. I say, it’s about time you, personally, took matters into your own hands. You can’t keep delgating the important issues to people like me. Unless we ALL start to live sustainably, it means nothing at all if people like me have a negative carbon footprint and actually think about the resources we use.

Let’s start with the Republicans, since they are the easy targets. Conservatives love to talk about the Ten Commandments, never mind their leaders’ proclivity toward adultery and mass murder through reversal of environmental protections, but they of course completely ignore the Zeroeth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Waste Energy. These guys like to think everything belongs to them; not even to their children, mind you, since they are throwing their inheritance in the form of the entire planet into the trash heap, but themselves, now. They want to consume as much as possible, right now, as if no force in the universe could ever be stronger than their own personal power. But I can assure you that if you kill too many chickens today, you’ll have no eggs tomorrow, and then you’ll starve to death. Also, if you don’t pay the people who guard you, and you revoke their right to collectively  bargain for a decent standard of living, don’t be surprised if one of them shanks you in your sleep. That’s about all I have for them. They’ll get their karma, the universe will see to that.

Now, the whiny bleeding heart liberals who pretend to agree with things I say but who claim they don’t have time for politics. I’m saving my best fire for last this time, just for them. Bending over will get you nowhere, I assure you. And you don’t negotiate with with eco-terrorists, so tell Boehner and his crew of killers where they can stick it instead of sticking your head back in the sand and obsessing over the next episode of Glee. The next time someone tells you there’s no way our side can win, you give them the stinkeye, just like you would give a Republican in an SUV blowing vile poison smoke in your face. You don’t believe in taking more than your fair share, so why would you stand by idly while others do the same? We need, desperately, a revolution in not just how we use, but how we even think about, energy and natural resources, so what on Earth could you be doing thinking it is OK to delegate the responsibility for changing minds to a handful of activists? You know, I reach maybe 100 people per day on this blog, and that just won’t cut it. But if you tell a friend to tell a friend, then maybe, just mabye, we’ll start getting somewhere. Maybe we’ll even win. But you must first realize the stakes: if the dinosaurs have their way, then we are surely already living in the Land of the Lost. Please, go forth now, and make it count.

“We are in the midst of a slow-motion train wreck, and all we can manage to discuss is the quality of the food in the dining car.” – Richard Heinberg

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