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Back in Business

Posted by wastedenergy on March 4, 2012

Hi all,

Just wanted to check in briefly with visitors here.  It’s been a long, strange ride the last year or so, but with so much attention being paid to the topic of energy these days and full-on election season upon us, I feel compelled to start back up with writings here after a rather long hiatus.  There’s a lot to cover these days, from what’s really going on with rising fuel prices both in the long and short term, to the still ongoing (yes, that’s right) nuclear disaster in Japan, to the impacts and ways of dealing with the rather big deal known as climate change that everyone loves to ignore, to delving further into the social patterns and cultural values informing our knowledge and decisions on matters of consequence regarding energy, natural resources, the environment and their relationship to society at large.

For my first new contribution, I’d like to talk a bit about the big squeeze going on at the pump that’s only going to get bigger, why the “drill baby drill” and pipeline-building policies advocated by the right will not contribute meaningfully to mitigating the pain consumers are feeling despite much hyperbolic rhetoric, how we are exacerbating matters through saber-rattling and aggressive policies toward the Middle East, and hopefully, a few things we can do that actually will help should we muster the political wherewithal to do so.

Stay tuned! I’m going to be getting into the habit of updating this site on a more regular basis and look forward to your joining in the discussion.




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