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Doctor Doom’s Lobotomy

Posted by wastedenergy on March 28, 2011

There are two ways to live in this world: the clean, efficient, sustainable way, and the dirty, low-net-energy, collapsitarian way. Which path is America and the world on right now?

If you’ve ever stood behind a truck or walked by a power plant, oil refinery, or shipyard, you know the answer already. There really is nothing quite like the smell of bunker fuel in the morning to get all the senses burning and your sense of righteous indignation at the chaotic forces of greed at work in the world today all fired up. Such experiences fuel a desire to seek out the culprits ultimately responsible for polluting not just the air, but also the airwaves, with dirty industrial byproducts, nasty messaging that seeks to advance an agenda of pure selfishness as virtue, and filthy political tricks that aim to disguise vested interests as legitimate grassroots activism.

Whence does such mischief arise? The answer, my friends, is quite simple: those with skin in the current game want to protect their own interests over those of humanity, by preventing the product they sell from being replaced with something newer, better, and far cleaner. It really is just that simple. So I’ve done my homework, I’ve pondered the message, and I’ve meditated on what is happening at great length, and I’ve finally made up my mind. I know exactly where to point the finger now, and just how to call them out: THESE are the droids you were looking for.

EVERYTHING they know is WRONG.

Orders of magnitude matter when it comes to sinning. I have referred on occasion to David and Charles Koch as “the Hitlers of our time,” not simply to make a rhetorical point vis-a-vis Godwin, but as a way of conveying the dire seriousness of the message that needs delivered to the people. If you didn’t know already, these guys have your number, and that of almost everyone else on the planet, but I have theirs too as it happens, and their area code is 666.

A little background, first, for the uninitiated: David and Charles Koch are the brains behind Koch Industries, aka the Kochtopus, a conglomerate mainly involved in the oil refining business, but also with tentacles deep in the paper and pulp industry, taking over formerly publicly owned utilities, and lobbying to reduce or even eliminate the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They would rather make a quick dime than worry about the medical bills piling up for their neighbors, but what matters even more than their direct pollution (which is vast) is that they seek to convert others to their cause, and they are extremely aggressive in doing so.

Have you ever heard of a little “movement” called the Tea Party? Not the original one in Boston, mind you, but the one that rolled through Washington a few months ago. Well, that was their doing in no small part, thanks to such Koch-money-funded organizations and “philanthropic” activities as Americans for Prosperity, the Reason Foundation (yes, the publisher of Reason Magazine), the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Institute, the David Koch Hall of Human Origins at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, hired hands to edit Wikipedia entries, and countless other propaganda mills cleverly disguised, to the untrained eye, as the doing of ordinary citizens just like you and me. They outdo even Exxon for funding junk science to deny the plain facts behind global warming, they want us all to be as addicted to oil and other dirty products as much as possible so they can squeeze us for every last penny we have, and they will stop at nothing to get their way. Let’s not be confused: these billionaires, they are the ones with the keys to the car that is our democratic republic, not you and me the average voter, and not only do they not know how to drive, but they are pushing us straight off a cliff called Peak Oil.

What I wonder most is this: how can these people not realize what they are doing, not only to everyone else, but to themselves as well, by preventing humanity from embracing the clean energy technologies of tomorrow, like wind, wave, and solar power, and by seeking to delay indefinitely the construction of our next generation of sustainable electric railroads that are our last best hope to cure our society’s oil addiction? How are they able to sleep at night knowing the blood of millions is already on their hands, and that should present climate change and oil dependence trends continue unabated, maybe even the blood of billions will be as well? Islands and glaciers are sinking into the sea, which is filling up with acid, killing off the coral reefs and plankton that form the basis for the Earth’s entire food chain, and in the meantime they continue to make us all sick by pouring poison into the skies, rivers, and soil. We are all eating Koch Industries’ detritus, so make sure you transmute that energy into something useful that will help take them down the next time you chow down on some oil-soaked shrimp.

Unlike certain others who seem to have far too much time on their hands and shall remain nameless, I do not expect David and Chuckie themselves to show up in this space to defend themselves, nor even to send their myriad foot soldiers this way to spew vile poison in the comment area on their behalf. I am not even on their radar; to them, I am less than nobody. But that works to our advantage: they are on your radar screen now, and mine too, and now you have their number as well. So now, what are we waiting for? Let’s kick some oily booty and even take some names too while we’re at it.


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